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Our Concrete Construction Is Rock Solid

Hire Dependable Concrete Contractors in Tyler, Longview and Marshall, TX

If you need hardscaping on your residential property, consider concrete installations. AJ Concrete Construction will pour durable concrete surfaces of all kinds. Our concrete contractor can install your:

Driveway   |    Sidewalk   |    Porches    |    Parking Lots   |    Foundation slab

Concrete offers an affordable solution when you need a pathway around your property. Get a free estimate on concrete construction in Tyler, Longview and Marshall, TX today by contacting AJ Concrete Construction.

We pour proper parking lots and sidewalks

You want your customers, clients and employees to have the right impression of your business. AJ Concrete Construction offers sidewalk and parking lot installation in the Tyler, Longview and Marshall, TX area to make your property look perfect.

We’ll create a safe, level area with proper drainage. Concrete withstands the Texas heat better than asphalt and makes your business look clean. Call 903-363-7278 today for concrete parking lot paving in the Tyler, Longview and Marshall, TX area.

concrete floor in a commercial building in Longview, TX

We'll install your concrete safely

AJ Concrete Construction provides outstanding services for your residential or light commercial property. We’re focused on concrete installation and repairs so you have a durable surface to walk, drive or park on. Your concrete will last for years to come thanks to our attention to detail.

Contact AJ Concrete Construction today to speak with our concrete contractor in Tyler, Longview and Marshall, TX.