Concrete House Foundations in Tyler, Longview and Marshall, TX

Concrete House Foundations in Tyler, Longview and Marshall, TX

We install house slab concrete

When you’re building a home, you want a solid base for your structure. AJ Concrete Construction offers house slab concrete installation in Tyler, Longview and Marshall, TX. We’ll pour the concrete so construction on your new home can begin.

The most important step before pouring the concrete is leveling the area. Your land should be compatible to support the foundation and weight of your new house. We’ll prepare and grade your land.

Contact AJ Concrete Construction today for house foundation concrete in the Tyler, Longview and Marshall, TX area.

2 benefits of a concrete slab foundation

When we install your foundation, we'll start by digging approximately one foot into the ground and leveling the area. We'll pour the concrete and reinforce it with steel bars. There are numerous reasons to build your home on a concrete slab. Here are three:

  1. It is stronger than a regular Piers & Beams foundation
  2. It lasts longer than a wood foundation

The location of your home and your budget are the main two factors to consider. Get a free estimate on house foundation concrete installation by contacting AJ Concrete Construction today.